Day: September 8, 2021

Common Choice Of Entry Doors

Common Choices For Entry Doors


What are the most important considerations when choosing entry doors? For starters, consider what is available on the market today. We have found that the majority entry doors do well in terms of material and design. However, each material they are made of varies greatly in strength and weakness, which mean that each should be evaluated on an individual basis.


Wood, for example, is an extremely popular choice when it comes to entry doors and window systems. While a cheap plastic door may be the equivalent of a fiberglass or steel door costing only five times more, it is not the ideal choice for high wear and tear. Cedar is a great choice since it resists rotting, mildew, cracking, and warping, making it an ideal candidate for moisture management. Plus, if you plan on installing sidelights, this type of wood is also ideal, allowing the light to shine through even on very sunny days.

What Materials Are Used For Entry Doors?

Fiberglass is another common door materials used for entry doors and window systems. It is relatively inexpensive, easy to install, and is typically water and energy-resistant. Still, it is not a good choice for high moisture areas and does not allow much light into the building. A good choice might be vinyl, which allows for ease of cleaning, is virtually maintenance free, and has few physical weaknesses.

The Best Entry Doors


For entry doors made out of wood, regular maintenance is key to keeping them free from deterioration. If you choose a well-made, well-aged wood entry door, you will find that they will last many years. However, there are some issues that will require regular repair or attention. We recently had a customer who was having trouble with her aging oak entry doors, requiring regular maintenance and replacement of certain panels that were starting to show their age.

Does An Entry Door Take Long To Make?

Of the two main entry doors made out of wood, fiberglass is the more common choice. Fiberglass is very popular with people who need a sturdy entry door that is waterproof and can handle years of exposure to rain and snow. If you choose fiberglass for your door, you should plan on having it replaced approximately every ten years because it tends to warp with the changes in temperature. In addition, the cost of replacement is significantly more than steel or wood, as it is both more difficult to produce and more expensive to install.


Steel or aluminum is not a common choice for entry doors, although it does have the advantage of being less costly than fiberglass. It does not rust like fiberglass, and is more commonly found in commercial businesses. If you are looking for an entry door that requires little maintenance, you should try aluminum. They do have a tendency to get fairly cold in the winter, however.…