Different Types Of Face Shields And Their Functions

Face Shields

Face shields, a practical piece of personal protective gear, aims to cover the entire face of the wearer in case of possible injuries from flying objects, road debris or dangerous chemicals. Its main function is to provide protection against flying objects or falling objects that may cause open wounds on the face. The face shield is usually made up of a hard plastic that covers the entire face. There are different types of face shields available in the market. There are those that cover the entire face, those that go just over one eye, and those that can cover the mouth as well. It also depends on the material used for the face shield – whether it is a hard plastic like in toughener, or soft silicone like in gel face shields.


Chin strap face shields attach to the chin just above the ear. This is typically what most first-time users do because they look more stylish and make the wearer look more masculine. Chin straps are available in different designs and styles, including those with buckles, Velcro, and magnetic closures, and there are disposable varieties as well. Most chin straps have adjustable clasps that let the wearer to adjust the tension to his or her comfort level.


Droplets are another type of face shields that are used to protect the eyes. Droplets are usually plastic, but there are some made from cloth or paper. These droplets are equipped with a powerful opening to protect the eye from any flying objects or flying debris. A very important thing about these droplets is that they are meant to be face-protected only, meaning that they are not intended to shield the face in case of accidental touching by another person. Droplets are very popular among children due to the cute characters, they are made with. It is important for children to exercise good common sense when using these Droplets because they are designed for children only and touching them without the proper adult permission could result in severe consequences.

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