Flir C5 Thermal Imager Review – Is This A Good Thermal Imager Or One For The Teenager?

flir c5

If you love to camp but you don’t have a lot of gear then a handheld, battery-powered infrared Thermometer is perfect for you. With the FLIR C5 attached to your camping vest or pocket it will be there when you need to know if you are within a large body of water, whether the ground is dry or wet, or if you have sufficient food and water within reach. The C5 also works as a digital camera by allowing you to capture short videos or stills. You can also use it as a thermometer with built-in humidity display. The 160 x 120 (19,200 pixels) true thermal imaging camera, MSX, and 5-megapixel digital camera makes it easy identifying small leaks, air leaks, pipe problems, and many other hidden problems.


With the FLIR C5 you can go anywhere with your device, which means that even if you are on the go you can check in on your campsite, your cabin, or your home. You will be able to get instant results, so you will never miss a leak again. This innovative thermal imaging device works in the cloud and accesses your data via a simple internet connection from anywhere that has a wi-fi or hotspot. Simply download the MSX “My Office” software, scan all of your files, put them in the appropriate folders, select the ones that you want to back up, then upload them to your computer using the USB cable. Then turn on your FLIR C5, connect to a PC, scan the pictures, videos and documents, and wait a few minutes for your work to be transferred to the cloud – all without having to use an external hard drive.


The thermal imaging camera has a built-in gauge to determine the thermal power of the heat emission, as well as an easy-to-read LED display. Once connected, you will be prompted by a few straightforward screens. For example, the first screen will show the current temperature range and a graphic will tell you how long the estimated time for recovery is. Next, you will see the estimated temperature range – this is the value that is most likely to change due to external factors like temperature, humidity, wind, etc. Finally, there is an estimate of the maximum temperature range – you will notice that this value is most likely to change due to external factors.

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