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Handyman Townsville is a family owned and operated business that has been operating since 1983. It is run on the philosophy of providing quality handyman services and building maintenance to its customers and clients in rural regions of Australia. The company is run by Bill, a retired carpenter, who is the father of two teenage sons that have been successful in their own careers in the handyman service and building maintenance. Bill spent thirty-nine years repairing cars, building birdhouses and many other odd jobs before deciding to start Handyman Townsville. Since his retirement he has expanded the business into several other areas including handyman services, painting and restoration, and carpet cleaning and maintenance. Go here – https://townsvillehandymen.com.au/

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Bill is always open to new challenges and ideas to improve his business and services. In keeping with the times, Handyman Townsville offers a value service through the use of mobile repair units called the ‘ooterop.’ These units allow customers to have their car or truck repaired anywhere in the town and bring their vehicle back to the shop the same day. This has become a very popular option for customers that need quick repairs at convenient locations. There are over forty-four vehicles in the repair fleet and twenty-four mobile units available for use by clients.

In keeping with the times, Handyman Townsville also offers a complete home repair and carpentry service through a network of independent repair shops and mobile technicians. The network consists of two hundred individual businesses, including twenty-four handymen, twenty-four automobile mechanics, ten home repairs and carpentry companies, and ten flat pack distributors. Carpenters are always needed for building construction, including masonry, brick work, stucco, pavers, and concrete block work. Handyman Homesville provides specialized services for the construction of custom homes in all styles and sizes. There is a large number of remodeling, renovation and home repair opportunities for clients with carpentry skills.

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