Motivation For Business

Motivation accelerate is a very important key to success in anything, and with your business, motivation is even more important. Motivation will get you going, but only if you use self-discipline to channel that motivation. Just think of it as an old-school yardmower: you can’t think of a better activity that’s so boring that you endure through it day after day.

How Employees Can Attract The Right External Rewards

A great way to channel motivation is with intrinsic motivation, which is what gives employees what they call “the drive.” Intrinsic motivation comes from within, which makes it the best form of motivation possible. Employees are naturally born with intrinsic motivation, which means that whatever their motivation is coming from inside they can channel that motivation effectively. If your company is built around a particular idea or goal, you can use intrinsic motivation to help employees see that success is within their reach, and they’ll be ready to embrace the external rewards.

There are two ways you can take advantage of motivation through your employees. The first way is through giving employees incentives to take the actions that need to be taken in order to reach your company’s goals, and the second way is through gamification. Gamification is when you give employees points or prizes for engaging with your company’s objectives, whether they involve engaging with customers or implementing quality control or improving office cleaning routines. With gamification you can use your employees’ natural motivation to engage with your objectives.

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