Surge Protection Device Introduction

An Introduction to Surge Protection Devices

surge protection device

A surge protection | ALLTech is a device or appliance meant to protect electronic devices from sudden voltage surges in direct current circuits. A voltage surge is usually a temporary event, typically lasting only a few seconds, which can reach up to 1,500 volts. These surges occur when appliances, computers, air conditioners, and even car stereos are operating at their maximum load. While these power surges are usually not very damaging to the appliances themselves, they can still damage your electrical wiring, causing short-circuits and eventually fires.

Surge Protection

Installing a surge protection device in your home or business is a simple process and is far less costly than replacing damaged or destroyed electrical devices. Power surge protection devices are usually available as part of a complete electricity and appliance repair and servicing package. This package can often be obtained at a reduced price when purchased together.


Your initial step in the process of installing a surge protection device in your home or business is to check the potential hazards your electrical systems may be subjected to during normal use. For this, you will need a load tester, which is a small, non-invasive device that measures the amount of power flowing through an outlet. It is designed to check the continuity of a power flow through electrical devices. A qualified electrician can test your outlets for compliance.

Devices & Systems

Once you have determined that there are no electrical dangers to your system, the next step in the process is to install a surge protection device. These devices are designed to protect against power surges in order to minimize the damage they can cause to your appliances, computer, and/or television. Depending on the appliance, there are several different types you can install. Appliances such as televisions and computers often require separate device units, while most household outlets will have one unit that plugs into an outlet.


When installing a surge protection device, you should ensure that the appliance which needs protection has been placed in an area which will allow it to be protected from the largest surges. For instance, appliances such as dishwashers should be installed near a bathroom. If you use an ice machine, the arrester should be located near the freezer in order to prevent damage to the appliance. When choosing an arrest, it is important that it matches the input power requirement of your electrical equipment. The following is a list of items that require the use of an arrester: electric water heaters, electric blankets, electric water heaters, and electric clothes dryers.


If your system experiences voltage spikes due to fluctuating power supplies, your electricians will recommend that you install surge protection devices. There are several different types of surge protectors available and the manufacturer that you choose will determine the level of protection you need. Some of the most common devices are an amp fuse and a fuse holder. Fuses are placed at the circuit break point and will trip if there are sudden voltage spikes. An amp fuse is often a good choice for businesses whose equipment is placed on the same circuit as the main power supply.

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