What to Expect From a reformer Pilates Class

reformer pilates class

There are a number of different reformer pilates styles available, but in general the more basic courses help with core alignment and muscle balance. “The beauty of reformer pilates really is that it’s actually for everybody, and there’s a Pilates style for everybody,” says Rose. Rose is the personal trainer for Rose Pilates, a fitness program designed to teach women the art of pilates. “What’s great about Rose Pilates is you can just get started really quickly and easily, so it’s great for people who have a little bit of a slow start to going to the gym,” she continues. Rose believes that pilates should be introduced into women’s exercise programs to keep them toned, flexible, and fit.

How to Do a reformer Pilates Class

There are many reformer pilates studios around the country, so finding one should not be a problem. When choosing your studio make sure to ask what benefits the studio offers and what the costs will be, particularly the monthly membership. Many studios offer discounts for members who bring their friends, and Rose believes it is important to set up a good relationship with your studio before enrolling. “I would definitely recommend talking to the owner, and asking questions about their training methods, and what types of classes they offer,” she explains.

One of the most important parts of the reformer pilates class is the springs that support the mat, because if the springs are not supporting the mat properly, the exercises will not be as effective. Rose says, “When I was first starting out with this program, I didn’t even know where to buy my springs from.” Online research will help you find the best spring system for your body size, age, and type of use.

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