Why Choose Melbourne Waste Removal Services?

Melbourne Waste Removal is a leading waste & rubbish removal service providing both commercial and residential removals. It is a fully licensed facility with the Department of Environment and Forests, covering more than 1300 square metres for the processing and transportation of all forms of waste. Melbourne Waste Removal is situated at Burphey Beach, Westernport, Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne Airport Northport. This fully licensed facility has been authorized to operate by the Department of Environment and Forests. They are a member of the Recycle Industries Association, a government-industry organization promoting the proper recycling and disposal of all types of waste. In addition, they are a member of the Destination Management Association of Australia (DMAA), which represents businesses who assist other businesses in creating a ‘green’ public place – visit us

How To Do Melbourne Waste Removal Services?

Melbourne Waste Removal


Melbourne Waste Removal offers a variety of waste and rubbish removals to meet all your green waste removal requirements. They have a large fleet of trucks to pick up your waste, including the latest Caterpillar articulated truck for your domestic and commercial requirements. The company can also provide a larger van to haul any of the other commercial or residential requirements that you may have.

Melbourne rubbish removal services are available round the clock throughout the state and are prepared to go the extra mile to ensure that your requirements are met and completed on time and completely safe. Their removals are environmentally sound and comply with the requirements of the Australian Environmental Foundation. Melbourne rubbish removal services employ strict health and safety guidelines to ensure the safety of all employees during the handling and transportation of waste. All employees undergo comprehensive training and are monitored regularly by a trained consultant.

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